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White King by MarkWester

The White King, Matharindir, is an ancient elven being with the face of a young man, fair of skin, purest white hair tied into a ponytail, and learned, blue eyes. The old king used his immense magical power to defy nature's way of life and the life of others. Not even the high elves of present time know of his origins, nor of the things that came to pass; left only were the ritual, and the silver cords on his wrists with a golden muzzle to silence him.

As a duty to elven nobility, his people agreed to throw a fête in the White King's name every three years, so he may see the sights of surrounding lands and experience the outside life, delaying the inescapable sorrow that besets all elves.

Following strict tradition, Matharindir is paraded and escorted to outlying cities, by an elven commission, that ritually invites any willing city-folk to attend.

In the eve of the celebration, delegates are given the opportunity to approach and parlay with the king. During this, Vaggurt spoke the magic word, and his bonds were released, allowing him to escape. He brought with him the adventurers, returning to a different plane of existence where the remains of his kingdom stood.