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Size Medium
Type Town
Location Western edge of Loriene
Region Central Elin Plain
Population ~4000 souls

~300 guards

Citizens Mayor Bertholme, Cryer Boda, Blacksmith Helena, Elleth Salte, Hilda Hildaguard, Rose Porgen, Waltom

Viriskali is a moderately sized town at the western edge of our proud kingdom of Loriene, in a region known by many folk as the West Marches. The town rests on the Central Elin Plain and is the main hub for a few small suburban communities, mostly based around agriculture. It is home to between three thousand and four thousand souls, making it the biggest inhabited center in the surrounding lands.

Viriskali's extreme remoteness has contributed to its reputation as an underdeveloped backwater, attracting an assortment of misfits and outcasts from all over the kingdom and beyond. Neighboring councilmen often speak of Viriskali in words of caution: "We must put a stop to this sort of thing, or we become like Viriskali."

The untamed wilderness around the town is the stuff of many a legend, promising adventure and untold riches alike. His majesty and the council prefer to not speak much of Viriskali, although reports indicate the town is, for all intents and purposes, relatively safe, as long as one does not venture beyond its walls. The Kingdom of Loriene maintains a garrison of 300 guards in Viriskali to secure the borderland.

Notable citizens[]

Notable features[]

Royal Scribe Vestia

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