Description Edit

Galahan tooth by markatron2k

Tooth of Grief by Markatron2k

The Tooth of Grief, discovered by Galahan on July 8, 677 (Episode 11). A boon from Grief, one of the Serpents of Woe, in exchange for his awakening after a long slumber.

A serpent's long tooth, used as a lance. This twelve foot long fang is prickly to the touch, though in appearance is obviously smooth.

Reforged into The Sword of Grief by Blacksmith Helena during Episode 33.

Properties Edit

A magical weapon that grants +1 on attack and damage rolls. Doubles critical hits on demons and has a regeneration ability. After speaking a word of power (Ophidian) the wielder heals 1d4 hp for 5 rounds. Every dawn after the word is spoken there is a 5% chance of losing this ability altogether, otherwise there is a 50% chance to recharge it.

Summary Edit

Unique Lance (+1 attack/damage, x2 crit on demons, regeneration* once per day)

  • Activation: word of power Ophidian
  • Heal: d4 hp for 5 rounds
  • Depletion: 1 in d20
  • Recharge: 4+ in d6 at dawn