Starkwald by putridcheese
Starkwald by Putridcheese
Terrain Dense Forest
Dangers Poisoned stream

The Starkwald is a dense forest a quarter day north of Viriskali.

A tainted and poisonous stream that has its source in an Abandoned Tower flows south-east into the Wraefen, withering trees and dissolving plants along the way.

Inhabitants Edit

  • Awakened Trees - intelligent, magical and animated trees. Have an interest in human blood.
  • Gobbelins - non-intelligent and toothy, their sole purpose is to sneak into town and steal human babies.
  • Owlbears - a monstrosity, a magical amalgamation of owl and bear.
  • Giant Bats - each larger than a man they travel in groups in and out of the the forest.
  • Twig Blights- living shrubs; who knows why they attack?
  • Gray Oozes- acidic slimes that corrode metal and blend in with their surroundings.
  • Giant Centipedes - 4 feet long and 6 inches wide.
  • Dryad Inhabiting a Willow - exploded by Kurthak.

Events Edit