The Scriveners Tower, also called "The Tower of 117 fires", is a tall tower standing in the middle of Periator. Each night 117 fire are lit at various paces in the tower.

Before entering the Tower, you have been warned to be silent. The entry requires a ticket which can be bought from the guards of Periator for 50 gold. Inside the Library is filled with information, books over books covering the whole walls of the tower but with a hollow inside with stairs, levels and ledges.


Steven's Scrivener inspiration. painting by Nicola Samori

Most Habitants are the Scriveners, both male and Female alike. The Scriveners are ominous creatures with a nose that forms a beak, leading all the way down to the height of the sternum. A few Humans are also present, most notably in the ones checking the tickets in the entry hall. The Library is cast in complete silence. No sound of footsteps vibrate through the tower. An attempt to speak will be met by the Scriveners with a sort of telepathic spell, demanding silence.

Floors Edit

It is said that while visitors are free to visit the upper levels, the most sacred and powerful relics of their people are kept at the levels far below the earth...

  • 1st lower level is Demonology and Devilry
  • 2nd lower level is a room with two large marble statues of scriveners thier palms raised with a hidden passage out of the tower
  • 3rd lower level to the right of the circular level had a tranclucent ooze in a alchemy jar that was taken by Donald,  a black box with a black beetle that was taken then immediately lost by Bardric, and the Black Cradle that cursed Kellan during episode 31 and episode 32.
  • 4th lower level in one of the rooms there is a Neothelid? in a pit and in the last room there was housed a black shadow that was released upon the land in Episode 31. There is also a locked room with a Golem with a rune on its head.

Past Events Edit