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Gelatinous cube

Who knows what drives these strange creatures, neither plant nor animal?

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Gray Ooze Edit

Kurthak Ironjaw, Shaldrick Ironheart, Maldrik Ironheart, and Donald Bartholomew encountered a number of Gray Oozes in Episode 5.  Their equipment corroded on repeated contact.

Flesh Ooze Edit

Flesh Oozes exist in the Mud of the Pits of Creation. Their origin, as with most Oozes, is unknown, but one might guess that the magic imbued in the Pits of Creation have created those Abominations. Like most Oozes, they will lash out if a living creature comes too close.

Oozing Tentacle Pods Edit

It is unknown if the are actually a different kind of Ooze, or closely related to Gray Oozes. Oozing tentacle Pods can be encountered in caves.

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In Episode 5 the party stumbles upon an ooze in the poisoned river on their way to the magic tower. By description and appearance it most likely was a Gray Ooze, since when motionless it is indistinguishable from an oily pool or a wet rock. The party managed to kill it after drawing it's attention by closing up to the river, trying to fill an empty bottle with the poisoned water.

In Episode 20, in the Region Azamreth, the Pits of Creation are hosting those Oozes. Every few days, the workers who work in the Mud get sucked in a Flesh Ooze. The party have witnessed such an event and killed the Flesh Ooze, unable to save the unfortunate worker.