Mira by MachineParts

Mira by MachineParts

Mira was an extremely obese woman, fetid, and unsightly, covered in various maladies of which damaged her sight, and produced many scars and pustules across her layers of skin. She awaited her meals, of which she voraciously devoured, in a large room underneath a ziggurat. Mira, once a common mortal, was chosen to become an ascendant being, and thus worshiped by the bandits that have since tormented nearby towns. They brought her food and provided comfort, which consequently gave them all gruesome afflictions.


The ascendant was led through a harrowing two-hour journey, fooled by Darius Elian into thinking she was to feast upon a fallen serpent's heart. She met her end upon entering its still, gaping maw and having been torn asunder in a moments notice.


  • Mira was the same woman mentioned by a bandit in Episode 1. He was prevented from finding the medicine by the party and Mira's diseases worsened. This somehow resulted in a transformation to an exalted and higher form, as she was when the party from Episode 12 encountered her.
  • During episode 7 the party found a group of cultists worshiping Mira, named Amsut, Beru and Nusbaum.