Carved on the back wall in Frelka's tavern there are faded eulogies (or warnings?) praising individuals long forgotten.

Recently new names have been etched. It is immortality of a sorts...

Clara Clericson, Gilly Tosscobble, Lady Charlemagne, Sir Douglas - entered the Harlud Barrows, never left. -- Frelka

Valisilwen Telaldren - her thirst for knowledge led her into some elven ruins, a banshee and her shadow minions were too much. We should have left the door alone -- Kurthak

Maldrik Ironheart - my brother devised a cunning plan to allow our escape. Sacrificed himself to distract an owlbear, near an abandoned tower. -- Shaldrick

Tahc Hc-twit - a young boy full of dreams and foul manners. Eaten by worgs, could be worse, could have been me! -- Dr. Grigori

Vaggurt, the Sour - partied with the elves, made out with the White King. -- Captain Koke

Fargle Raumhausen - partied with the elves, the White King's mom found him delicious. -- Captain Koke