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Lady Charlemagne

Lady Charlemagne by Cpt. Radon

Human Seamstress
Level 1 ❤ 8 HP    ★ 13 AC
Strength 9 (-1)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 11
Intelligence 15 (+2)
Wisdom 14 (+2)
Charisma 13 (+1)
Meta Knowledge
Player JP McDaniel
Death by Specter on Ep. 2


Lady Charlemagne was a famous seamstress, draper and fashion creator from the Kingdom of Loriene. She is well known and beloved across the land for her exquisite collections, made only from the best of materials. Her ladyship's unmistakeable trademark are lovely pastel colours, which [...].

Lady Charlemagne is said to have recently travelled to Viriskali, of all places! Townsfolk are reported to rumor that she went missing on a quest to rid the surrounding lands of a band of thugs. Some say she ventured into a region called the Harrlud Barrows, a forsaken and dangerous place that none have traversed and lived to tell the tale.

Royal Scribe Ateno

Redacted and approved by the Royal Censor


Lady Charlemagne dons pastel, easter patterned clothing including light pink, as she is known for, and heels from a famous cobbler. She exhibits a southern accent, and blonde, teased hair. Interestingly enough, neither fear nor danger are written in Lady Charlemagne's books, as is apparent in her travels throughout the land and various other worlds.

Everyone characterizes Lady Charlemagne as pleasant and admirable. Her generosity is demonstrated mostly through gold, which is used to provide clothing for the poor. To Lady Charlemagne, money is just a plaything.

Those that have ever been considered enemies to Lady Charlemagne mysteriously disappear shortly after appearing, though no one seems to pay any attention toward it.

Lady Charlemagne by saltstachio

When preparing for battle, Lady Charlemagne dresses in a short violet, studded leather robe over a white undershirt. She employs a rapier as well as a short sword and carries daggers in various places.

Notable Achievements[]

  • Famous throughout Loriene.
  • Fashion sense - wrote a book on fashion that was stolen from the Viriskali Library by Juliette.
  • Legendary Tipper: Gave a poor kid a reward of 3 gold pieces for sharing a rumour with her. Then Clara Clericson added 5 gold pieces.That's 800 coppers, enough money to buy 400 chicken. Or 8 goats. Or 4 sheep. Rumours now says the kid started his own chicken farm and is nowadays producing enough eggs per day to feed is 2 parents, his 12 sisters and brothers and still makes a decent profit.

The OTPK; from left to right; Sir Douglas, Gilly Tosscobble, Clara Clericson, Lady Charlemagne.


  • JP described some of her actions with visuals pertaining to japanese cartoons, such as: a hateful glare with literal, burning eyes; and performing an attack with such insurmountable skill so as to not be seen.

Spoilers for Episode 2.

  • Lady Charlemange was killed along with the rest of her party when they fought with specters that were encountered in the Harllud Barrows

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