Proud Kingdom of Loriene is one of the largest countries in the world of the West Marches. Neighboring countries include a Aeralond Empire to the southeast.

In its west border lies Viriskali an ill-reputed town. Its reputation comes from the seedy adventurous types that flock to this last bastion of civilization in the yet untamed wilds. These wanderlust-filled fellows earn their living by probing ancient ruins looking for treasure, occasionally slaying monsters and abominations in the process.

Retirement Edit

Despite their erratic behavior adventurers are tolerated in Viriskali, while they can pay for their stay...

Most adventurers die before retiring to a life of quiet, those lucky few who do return, spin tales of glory and fortune, enticing another generation.

Swearing off the adventuring life implies an earlier retirement back to proud Loriene or perhaps opening a harmless business in Viriskali nevermore placing foot in the unknown west.

Retired adventures Edit

  • Ecila - swore off the adventuring life, too crass for his refined tastes.
  • S'ilid Albresh - returned to Loriene without uncovering his sword's history.