Rules (used from episode 12)[edit | edit source]

  • Once during each long rest, any character may frame a scene that shows the audience more about them. This scene can involve other players or NPCs, or be a solo vignette - it can be a flashback, or something happening now. The character who frames this scene gains Inspiration.
  • At any point during the scene, any one other player may ask that character for more information about the scene. This player's character also gains Inspiration. If multiple players have questions about the scene, the scene-framer may decide whose question to answer.
  • A character may only frame a scene for themselves in this way once per session.
  • During the first weeks the rules stated that the question asking player must frame the next scene, but this clause was removed after a while.

Safety net (used from episode 12 until episode 28)[edit | edit source]

Since this rule messes with how players gain Inspiration, an extra safety net was implemented while it was in beta (until episode 28):

  • Every time your character would die, whether from failed saves or taking massive damage, roll 1d20. On a 10+, your character is not dead, but stable. They will return to consciousness in 4 hours.

This is as written from the text in episode 12. The rules may change in the future.

Background[edit | edit source]

This rule was created by Steven Lumpkin (Silent0siris), with the help of Adam Koebel (skinnyghost), to address Stevens problems with the Inspiration rules in the D&D 5e.

The creation of the new Inspiration rules appear in the show Hack Attack.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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