Hextia is a shriveled old hedge witch, who is toothless with one eye scooped out, and lives in a tall, rickety hut within sight of the old standing stone, on a hill two hours northwest of Castow. She is quite old and knowledgeable about many matters concerning the surrounding lands, and even foreign countries. She barters for rare, exotic spell components with various outlaws and adventurers who come by. Visitors who wish to do business with her should be expected to take part in her experiments.

Hextia's HutEdit

Her hut stands about five or six stories high, with a fenced in yard, populated by a number of chickens. Each level of the hut is conspicuously off-center, where parts of the hut jutting out are supported by shabby, roughly strewn wood. All around it reeks of burning feathers. Rooster heads with bright red eyes are placed, including atop either side of the gate, to warn her of approaching evil.

Standing and past offers Edit

  • She wants some ghost mushrooms from the Harllud Barrows.
  • 200gp for a divination.
  • She wanted Juliette to conceive the baby put in her body by her actions, with an aspect of the Wounded Wretch in a magically induced dream.

Past deals Edit

  • Cyna, a hunter protector in the town of Nala, asked to be turned into a bear. She did not ask how long it would last, nor did Hextia tell her. Cyna's first-born conceived with the bear was to serve as payment.
  • She wanted two vials of Awakened Tree Sap from an Awakened Tree in the Starkwald. In payment she contacted Kellan's mother, Talia, paid 50gp and gave info about Kurthak's missing royal heir.
  • 75gp for info on Kellan's parents. 50gp was taken off the price for Juliette staying the night in a magically induced sleep.
  • Will help Bardric Bardison and company resurrect Juliette for a diamond worth 1000 gold pieces and a particular book: The book of night with moon", provided a sufficient amount of body parts can be provided (Episode 31).
  • Helped Kellan control the curse of the Black Cradle (Episode 32).

Trivia Edit

  • Resembles the elderly form of the witch of the wastes from Howls Moving Castle.
  • Seems to have a stockpile of odd magical items in the uppermost floor(s) of her hut.