Human Pantheon of Loriene and Surroundings Edit

These are the gods praised in the Kingdom of Loriene; people from other areas might worship other gods (most notably Doctor Grigori Petrovich), or call these gods by different names (most notably Laingus Vulmaatar).

Name Title Descriptor Domains Symbol
Vovoi ♂ Watchful Protector God of guards and vigilant watch War, Trickery An upright spear
Rona ♀ Hearthkeeper Goddess of home, hearth, and hospitality Life, Light A cookfire
Disek ♂ Wanderer God of roads and travel Light, Nature A path beneath a crescent moon
Igunn ♀ Wise Woman Goddess of wisdom, music, and magic Trickery, Knowledge A staff with a hanged crow
Stecha ♂ Smith God of craft, manual labor, and domestic animals Life, Death Hammer, Tongs, Horseshoe
Hverra ♀ Wallmaker Goddess of borders, and protector of towns Knowledge, War Low wall of stones
Wrosta ♂ Lord of Fall God of autumn, old age, and the underworld Death, Tempest A crown of oak leaves
Siga ♀ Lady of Grief Goddess of storms, rage, and sorrow Tempest, Nature Shrouded woman, facing away

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