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Gobbelins are common boogey-monsters referenced in tales throughout the lands of Loriene. These tales commonly report groups of them sneaking into human settlements to steal children. Thus, farmwives of Viriskali and the outlying towns are well accustomed to using the threat of gobbelins to convince their children to behave.

Folk tell of gobbelins sneaking in the night to steal babies and eat them later. However there's a legend that when a human baby is raised by gobbelins into adulthood a new gobbelin is born.

They have mouths filled with razor sharp teeth, yet prefer to mimic man wielding a multitude of weapons including bows, knives and rock scimitars.

Some members wear some form of leather armor with metal rings.

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An small ambush in Episode 3.

A small clan near some Elven Ruins, in Episode 16.