The Elven ruins are some ruins located on the Central Elin Plain, northwest of Viriskali. The underground complex is quite big and mostly unexplored, even through parties have made expeditions here during episode 4, 16 and 17.

Description Edit

A set of stairs descends into an antechamber, a charred corpse sprawled midway in the steps. In the antechamber another corpse is revealed, head splintered. Immediately in front there is a foul shrine to a serpent lord, emitting noxious gas that stands at feet level. There is a door inside the jaws of this shrine, but reaching it may prove deadly.

A door to the left reveals rooms with bedrolls, chests with meager possessions and some alchemical equipment.

A door to the right reads "Kuthar's bane enter not", after a long hallway a obviously magic circle became the final resting place for druid Val Telaldren (Until another party gave her a proper burial).

Still mostly unexplored these ruins hold many mysteries. Who was this elven huntress? Why does she haunt this ruin? What created so many shadows? What is beyond the door guarded by the noxious breathing shrine?

Inhabitants Edit

  • (Vanquished) Two thugs running some sort of covert alchemical operation, involving dreamweed.
  • (Partially vanquished assumed fled) A small gobbelin clan, hoarding eggs.
  • (Vanquished)A banshee of an elven huntress haunts this place.
  • Numerous shadows that sap the strength of their victims.
  • A specter that cannot proceed beyond a protective circle.
  • (Vanquished)A pack of wolves and dire-wolves.
  • (Vanquished) Sluglike Carrion Crawler.

Trivia Edit

These ruins were found by investigating an elven arrow found by Kellan Wildlight. Hextia provided its location in exchange for a service. Later another party investigated reports of egg-stealing gobbelins.

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