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Episode guide[]

Season One
Week Quest Characters
1 Investigate a man-eating bear in the town of Castow. Bardric, Ecila, Kellan, S'ilid
2 Kill Anod and diseased thugs plaguing southern towns. Clara, Gilly, Lady Charlemagne, Sir Douglas
3 Find out if there are any Elven ruins nearby and help Kellan reconnect with his parents. Bardric, Juliette, Kellan, Kurthak
4 Find the exact location and explore the Elven ruins Kellan mentioned. Freki, Juliette, Kurthak, Valisilwen
5 Assist a wizard trapped in a tower in the Starkwald. Donald, Maldrik, Kurthak, Shaldrick
6 Retrieve ore shipment waylaid en route to Lepool. Dr. Grigori, Kurthak, Tal, Varani
7 Find a Shrine to Wrosta to revive Maldrik Ironheart. Dr. Grigori, Tahc Hc-twit, Shaldrick, Varani
8 Survive the White King's party. Cpt. Koke, Fargle, Vaggurt, ShialBaz
9 Find elven settlement of Flederhind and get a cure for Shaldrick's Leprosy. Juliette, Kellan, Kurthak, Shaldrick
Season Two
Week Quest Characters
11 Kill Anod and diseased thugs plaguing southern towns. Cpt. Koke, Darius, Galahan, ShialBaz
12 Feed the ascendant residing in the Ziggurat to the serpent of Death, in order to resurrect ShialBaz.
13 Find the town of Flederhind and acquire recipe of lesser restoration, to cure all adventurers afflicted by leprosy. Dr. Grigori, Lucas, Shaldrick, Varani
14 Investigate a missing silk shipment headed from Tea Falls to Bawic and deal with the problem. Darius, Dr. Grigori, Galahan, Kellan
16 Investigate what happened to the eggs being stolen from Nala and deal with the problem. Cpt. Koke, Flurgle, Peri, ShialBaz
17 Put a specter to rest in the Elven Ruins explored by Koke last week. Bardric, Dr. Grigori, Galahan, Kellan
18 Investigate the awakened plants' activity in the Starkwald and their connection with a murdered group of loggers. Bardric, Kellan, Kurthak, Shaldrick
20 A group of travellers led by Freki travel to the "Valley of Creation" due to their leader's reckless pursuit of wealth. Freki, Poe, Gustaf, Lyra
Season Three
Week Quest Characters
21 Find and scout the Bone Organ in the Cheaminster Ruins. Poe, Seymour, Snook, Olomain
22 Acquire gold from the Dwarves in the Cheaminster Ruins. Galahan, Kellan, Darius, ShialBaz
23 Find the Library in the Cheaminster Ruins and gather information about the Dragon of Azamreth. Poe, Galahan, Dr. Grigori, Lyra
24 Overthrow the Mage Farhan and loot his vault.
25 Retreive the Vessel of everflowing water. Casper 'Cypress' Tooley, Kraolin Frall, Lak'Tuk "Pain", Esme
26 Take revenge on a band of goblins that stole a potion from Hextia. Tily, Kraolin Frall, Lak'Tuk "Pain", Esme
27 Give another try at taking revenge on the band of goblins that stole a potion from Hextia. Orian Randy, Spec Person the 3rd, Monkey, Laingus Vulmaatar
28 Retreive the urn of everproducing water. Darius Elian, Laingus Vulmaatar, Donald Bartholomew, Freki
29 Find a way to bring Juliette Grabatul back from the dead. Bardric, Kellan, Donald Bartholomew, Freki
30 Travel to the Cheaminster Ruins to acquire components to bring Juliette Grabatul back.
31 Explore the Scriveners Tower.
32 Escape from the Scriveners Tower.
33 Find out a way to hatch Galahans dragon egg. Galahan, Darius, Tily, Dr. Grigori
34 Find the city of Pyrrhinor.
35 Kill the pursuers and explore the great city of Pyrrhinor.
36 Plan how to hatch the egg.
37 Create enough chaos the wake the egg from its slumber.

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