Dried Leper Love
Season 1, Episode 9
RollPlay The West Marches Week 9, Part 1

RollPlay The West Marches Week 9, Part 1

Date of Events
27th of June, 3 days after the events of Episode 7
Airing Date
1th of Mars 2015

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Story Edit

Kurthak and Juliette have a date... with death.

The group meets at Frelka's Tavern, Kellan's retells the meeting with his father, Shaldrick tells of his plight. Our adventurers decide to head to a Temple to cure his leprosy.

There Kellan meets Elleth Salte and after an awkward conversation he gets general directions to an elven settlement NW of Viriskali where might lie a cure for many ills, including leprosy.

Meanwhile Shaldrick takes a bath in Kurthak and Juliette's house. Kurthak admires his hagfish brewery and a business partnership is struck between himself and Kellan to produce Ironjaw's Wild Brew (basically hagfish vodka).

Kellan flashbacks to his meeting with his father near Hextia's standing stone. Who tells Kellan to seek the Scions of Reloc, if one day he wants to join his parents in hag hunting.

The group heads northwest and on the way spots the same elven ruins that Kurthak and Juliette once visited. They find themselves in an unnaturally quiet space in the forest and quickly head towards the sound of running water. Our adventurers make camp and Juliette witnesses a white songbird dropping a silver twig, she picks it up and the songbird quickly decomposes into pale bones.

At this moment Juliette is hanging for dear life to a silver twig. Juliette decides that the best course of action is to bend the twig into a ring and use it as an earring, this way it will never accidentally drop.

The party makes camp and uses the fire to cauterize an improvised needle (from a lockpick). Kurthak helps by piercing the earlobe.

During the night Shaldrick has a conversation with his brother's ghost, or hallucination, it is not exactly clear... Mid-conversation he spots a beautiful woman peeking from a tree, he engages in conversation with the mysterious woman and fails spectacularly in getting any insight into her motives. Thus Shaldrick follows the woman, without waking up anyone.

The willowy woman asks if Shaldrick wouldn't like to stay with her. She attempts to charm him with a touch of her hand, fortunately Shaldrick gains his senses and resists her seduction. She proceeds to meld into a willow tree and uses her branches to grab Shaldrick and drown him into the river.

The rest of the group wakes up and heads to the Willow, Kurthak and Shaldrick are both flailing underwater, Juliette faceplants in the mud and Kellan hearing Shaldrick's plea rips Juliette's earring off... yet she doesn't die from it. Kurthak manages to get free and with a powerful ki strike destroys the tree, bark flying everywhere.

A green woman, strikingly similar to the one who charmed Shaldrick, falls from the willow's trunk. Before she expires Kellan loops the silver earring/bracelet in her hand and proceeds to cut her hand. Now with the Willow definitely dead, Kellan victoriously announces that they had nothing to fear from the silver stick. Since no one seems to want anything to do with it Shaldrick appropriates the silver ring and uses it to, without the others knowledge, tie the bag with his brother's remains.

The party leaves in the morning, following the river, heading through the woods. On the second day they fail to spot any tracks leading to the elven city. After they cross a small creek, they pass over a rotten tree and 6 giant centipedes (4 feet long, 6 inches wide creatures) crawl from some holes in the tree. They dispatch them immediately and Kellan tries to harvest their poison sacs, without success.

In the evening they reach open plains, with Kellan's reassurance they make camp and encounter a large 8 feet long scorpion. The plan is to drive the beast away, Shaldrick pours oil into the embers to scare the scorpion. The beast approaches but stays away from the raging bonfire.

Kellan douses the scorpion with a second flask of oil, Kurthak follows up with a torch in the scorpion's mouth, setting it on fire. Shaldrick waves two torches at the scorpion, but his eyes were on fire. The giant beast runs/skitters away and the group goes back to sleep, after controlling the bonfire.

Key Events Edit

  • Kellan and Kurthak visit Temple of the Border Wall and Elleth Salte suggests they visit the elves northwest of town to find the cure for leprosy.
  • Kellan and Elleth have a moment of good chemistry and act generally awkward.
  • Shaldrick takes a bath at Juliette's house.
  • Kurthak and Kellan become business partners brewing Ironjaw's Wildbrew.
  • Recount of Kellan's meeting with his father who tasked him with finding the elves known as Scions of Reloc at the elven village named Flederhind in the Starkwald
  • They make camp Juliette is visited by a pure white songbird that delivers a twig made of silver and decomposes.
  • Kurthak pierces Juliette's ear and she uses the twig as an earring because she fears dropping the twig will cause her to die.
  • Shaldrick finds a beautiful woman watching him as he talks to his dead brother.
  • Shaldrick is led to a willow tree which attacks him and tries to drown him.
  • The party wakes up and fights the tree resulting in Kurthak punching the tree apart.
  • Get in a fight with giant centipedes.
  • Juliette gets a giant scorpion angry and they scare it away with fire.

Treasure Edit

  • A twig made of silver
  • A healthy appreciation of fire

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1200 experience points. Divided by four: 300 experience points per player.

Steven accidentally gave them 400xp instead, but it was subtracted from the next week.

Trivia Edit

  • First episode where the characters did not warp back to Viriskali. Their adventures will resume on the same spot next episode.

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