The hungover episode
Season 1, Episode 8
RollPlay- The West Marches Week 8, Part 1

RollPlay- The West Marches Week 8, Part 1

Date of Events
24th of June, 6 days after the events of Episode 7.
Airing Date
22th of February 2015

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Story Edit

In Frelka's Tavern an altercation occurs between the newcomers and its residents. Vaggurt first throws a glass of gin to a man's face, of whom insulted her proud name; Koke appears hungover at the bar and states his goal to rescue an elven princess named Gilly; an impolite Vaggurt throws another drink, this time, at Frelka's face; subsequently after, ShialBaz licks some of what spilled off of the bar beside Koke, and Fargle is spotted in the corner being intrusive and masturbating. Frelka has an existential crisis and tells everyone to leave or face the guard.

After being booted out of the tavern, a trio of high elves approach the group. One of them addresses himself as Mirembor and is the only one who speaks. Fargle deceives them into believing he is mayor. They hand him a scroll detailing a ritual visit of the White King and his entourage. The mayor must cover one's ears with beeswax, and decline the invitation, saying: "There are none. Be gone from this place, and return not without grave cause." A curfew in town is to be set so that no one else may hear. Sagely, ShialBaz declares DOOOooom.
Hungover episode

The Hungover Episode by Liefington

Failing to get an audience with the mayor, Koke tries to inform Rose, the captain of the guard. She doesn't refuses to believe their words, which leads to the adventurers warning every passerby to remain indoors. Eventually the group attracts the attention of the real mayor who receives the scroll's fragments and directs Koke to Kurthak's house. Juliette Grabatul opens the door and asks for some yogurt. Vaggurt promptly provides some homemade yogurt made according to her family's recipe. Realization strikes ShialBaz and he becomes speechless.

Our troublemakers decide to head to the Fore House, to habitually drink away their problems. During which, Town Crier Boda informs the entire town of the strict curfew. They enter the gambling house and lord over Tang, the unhelpful guard, how they were truly saving the town. At the end of the night they win a total of 2 gold, 4 silver and 7 copper.

Unlike Koke, who was able to maintain control over his drinking, the rest of the group awaken to a rough morning walk back to Frelka's upon noticing the empty road. They try to apologize to Frelka, but to no avail. Captain Koke soon decides to force his way through the heavy oak doors, while those inside the do their best to bar it with tables and chairs. The party therein hears a harmonious humming and fear for what may come. The same trio of high elves arrive, and behind them passes a large, white stag with tall antlers; on it, a beautiful white-haired elf sits dolefully with silver bound wrists and a golden muzzle. Three elven warrior women follow suit, swinging censers with burning incense. Noticeably, the White King seems pleased by their presence, mainly focusing his eyes on Vaggurt.

Surprised that nothing occurs, the party continues to watch as the ritual proceeds. Mirembor presents the courtesy invitation, where suddenly Koke, ShialBaz and Fargle immediately accept. Fargle alerts the elves and the party engages the elven warriors in combat.

At some point, Captain Koke fires a crossbow bolt that misses, causing it to shoot past the elf on the stag. The White King uses this moment to fall out of position and leave behind a mysterious pouch that only Vaggurt sees. The elves are defeated at the cost of Vaggurt falling, bloodied and unconscious. One of the elves threaten to slit Vaggurt's throat if the group were to insinuate more violence.

When the elven druid awoke, she quickly returns to where the mysterious pouch lay. In it is a turquoise gem and a note in elven that says: Please, "Speak".

Every three years the elves throw a ritual party. An invitation is brought to multiple towns and cities, where they are ritually declined by the man/woman in charge, while the rest are told to remain in their homes. For the first time in what is likely a long time, seven townsfolk and four adventurers are to journey into the east.

After about a day's travel, they approach three large striped pavilions. A cheery music piping in one, a veritable feast in the other; with roasted quail, iced berries, mead, and other delicate preparations. High elves partake of the food as does all who attend. Vaggurt, however, satisfies her hunger with her healthy supply of yogurt. .

The high-elf, White King appears a prisoner, but on one night he is allowed a measure of freedom to keep the elven despair that comes from old age. In this party he sits at the head of the table, but has a muzzle etched with the elven word for silence and his hands are tied.

Vaggurt releases the White King by speaking the ancient elven word for speak, removing his muzzle. Immediately swords are swung at the king and arrows are loosed, too soon after, the king utters a word to stop time, allowing him the chance to summon a wooden portal out of the earth, exiting the scene.

Later our four adventurers all wake up in different rooms of varying fashion. Fargle leaves his room after poking a cat head and hearing a cacophony of stuffed animal heads hung on the walls. He is promptly mauled to death by silver and bone combs attached to golden strands of hair, henceforth named hair snakes.

Captain Koke leaves his room and his floating bed, not touching the water filled with bones. A female voice sobs and calls to Koke: My son, my son, it is been so long that I have eaten. Answering his question of What do you eat? with A man...

Meanwhile Vaggurt receives the White King who introduces himself as Matharindir, and takes his offered hand for a dance at the ballroom. On the way they hear the same woman's voice, and the king replies with, Mother is hungry.

ShialBaz recalls a nursing rhyme warning of the White King and his realm:

"I dare thee approach the White King's doors, and knock on them times three
His kingdom lies behind them, a most beauteous place to see
The trees there shine of silver and their leaves are finest jades
And in their boughs the nightingale sing songs with voice of maids
Be warned, my child, in the White King's realm, more than three days do not stay
And neither grain of salt nor honey eat while on your way
The White King he may find you foul or he may find you fair
The nightingale may spin your voice as caution through the air"

With his magic ShialBaz tricks the murder of crows with an illusion of carrion (a pile of dead rabbits) and adeptly traverses the trap door, allowing him to leave his quarters without injury.

Koke backtracks to his room to escape the disturbing sounds but is followed into the room by a sea of hair snakes. Not long after, the source of the cries appear before Koke. Disturbed, Koke lights a torch and sets the monster on fire, while trying to fend off its attacks.

In the meantime Vaggurt accepts at the mere hint of a proposal by the White King and dazzles him with her sultry moves.

Stealthily, ShialBaz evades a woman of song and finds a bounty of treasure and coin.

Koke manages to defeat the creature and eventually escapes with ShialBaz into the Elin Plain. Around them is the ruin of burnt tents and corpses.

Key Events Edit

Treasure Edit

  • Star-something gem
  • Two potions of climbing
  • Carved wooden staff
  • Polished stone mask
  • Fine cloth gown
  • Small vial of perfume
  • Bolt of silk
  • Coin: 60 gold, 1400 silver, 1700 copper

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 800 experience points. Divided by two: 400 experience points per player.

  • 300xp for discovering new locations (?).
  • 200xp for Koke defeating the creature.
  • 300xp for completing the quest.

Trivia Edit

  • All credit to the White King and his realm from Steven's mind. Other influences include the german poem "Der Erlenkoenig", Pan's Labyrinth and general fairy lore. [1]

References Edit

  1. Q&A: Inspiration source

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