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Season 1, Episode 7
RollPlay- One Shots - The West Marches Week 7, Part 1

RollPlay- One Shots - The West Marches Week 7, Part 1

Date of Events
18th of June, six days after events of Episode 6
Airing Date
8th of February 2015

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Story Edit

Shaldrick invites the party to visit a shrine to Wrosta, the lord of the Fall, in a nearby town...

After Varani shamed Kurthak for his cowardice he went back to his very safe home to Julliete. Tahc then appeared and promptly joined the other three adventurers.

The party took a day to sell loot and buy supplies. Grigori and Shaldrick met Elleth Salte in Hverra's church to make an investment in a potion making enterprise. For 150 gold they got 2 healing potions, a potion of poison on the down low and a fresh source of potions in 6 days (24th June). Varani and Tahc just annoyed each other all day.

The next day there is a strong wind but no thunderstorm, so the party leaves town. Dr. Grigori brings a pig on a leash to help forage for the famed ghost mushrooms. Shaldrick drags an hermetically sealed burlap sack, which may or may not carry his brother's bones.

Near the evening, the party runs into a group of mysterious cultists that are carrying a disease. They make camp together, but not before Shaldrick sneaks off to snoop in the equally mysterious sacks they were carrying. Upon investigation they turn out to hold dead bodies. Meanwhile in the camp, Tahc is almost converted to the Goddess of the mysterious cultists called Mira. Tahc betrays the dwarf hiding behind the boulder, but it is quickly covered up by Grigori. The whole stint in the camp doesn't last very long, as Shaldrick blows the whistle and the party decides to leave their camp.

Tahc Hc-twit gets mauled in the night by two large wolves, he is abducted without awaking the party. There was much rejoicing at dawn.

By morning the party decides to track Tahc, finds a crevice with some hair and scalp, investigates and finds the lair of three beefy wolves and the young boy's remains. They promptly evacuate the premises, re-evaluate the danger of the barrows and decide instead to turn back and find the weird cultists.

Some time later Varani spots six wolves, one of them injured, running from the barrows direction. The injured wolf levitates, is teared in half, one half of the wolf starts awkwardly standing up and the pack immediately turns on it.

The party gets involved and during the fight another wolf dies and gets split in half. Two left halves merge together into a whole half-wolf abomination. Eventually the party kills all but one wolf that limps away to safety.

While skirting the barrows our adventurers notice an altar in the center of some mounds and decide to quickly enter and investigate if it truly is the shrine to Wrosta. Unsure if they have the right altar Shaldrick takes a leap of faith and decides to sacrifice the oblivious pig. A black dust rises engulfing all three and harming Dr. Grigori and Varani (-1hp permanently), but nothing else happens. While Shaldrick is investigating the altar Kurthak rejoins the party.

At Viriskali all three adventurers who were present at the sacrifice realize they contracted a disease, to their dismay they had become lepers.

Key Events Edit

  • Kurthak took a break. Tahc stood up to the challenge.
  • Provided for an alchemist's studies and unlocked potions in Viriskali.
  • Encountered disease-ridden cultists of Mira. (Amsut, Beru, Nusbaum)
  • Tahc died in his night watch, his name remains in Frelka's Memorial Wall.
  • First sighting of worgs.
  • Witnessed another Weird event with the tearing and animation of half-wolves.
  • Sacrificed a pig to an altar in the Harllud Barrows.
  • Dr. Grigori, Varani and Shaldrick contracted leprosy.

Treasure Edit

  • Leprosy
  • Fresh bacon
  • Zero ghost mushrooms

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 400 experience points. Divided by three: 134 experience points per player.

Trivia Edit

  • First investment in a business enterprise.
  • Tahc was the first character to die alone in the night.
  • First serious disease contracted.
  • First adventurers to exit the Harllud Barrows
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