Old Cheaminster
Season 3, Episode 2
RollPlay The West Marches Week 22, Part 1

RollPlay The West Marches Week 22, Part 1

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24th of August 2015

Episode 21


Episode 23

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Story Edit

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Downtime Edit

Kellan and Darius both contribute 150gp each to establish the Monument of Heroes. Darius and Shialbaz both spend their time on fitness training. Galahan spent his time studying

In Frelka's Tavern Edit

Galahan convinces the others to investigate Cheaminster Hold, the source of vague rumors surrounding the Bone Organ. His plan is to obtain gold from welcoming dwarfs in the Cheaminster Ruins with the in an effort to buy information about his black dragon egg (obtained in Episode 17).

Kellen offends Shialbaz by assuming he is an unintelligent creature and treating him like a child.

Traveling Edit

Day 2 The group encounters a natural thickly tangled thorn maze that stretches for miles. Kellan directs Galahan as he is chopping a path through the thorns taking 3 points of damage. They take extra time to cover their trail to avoid being followed as they enter the forest.

Day 10 As the group is working their way down the mountains Kellan finds an huge footprint while Shialbaz and Galahan brain storm names for the unborn baby dragon. Darius shortly after comes across impractically stacked stones. A large boulder in the middle of the stones turned out to be a massive 40 foot tall grey skinned stone giant. They avoided conflict by bribing Sarabi the giant with 10 rations of food, 5 gold pieces, and a bolt of silk cloth. (The giant puts on his Thug Life sunglasses and plays Ante Up on his boombox as he tells the group to leave... or maybe not)

Day 11? The group encounters two of the shadows along the road north of Cheaminster Hold. Shortly after the group comes across two stone statues that hold 14 gold pieces in their hands just north of Cheaminster Hold. The group is very cautious of the statues testing them with attacks with no results. They attempt to continue on but the statues animate and begin to attack. Galahan attempts to pay a toll by throwing 7 gold at them to no avail. The group dispatches the statues and Kellen becomes impressed by Shialbaz's combat prowess with his lightning breath. The gold is collected after the fight. Reached Cheaminster hold.

Cheaminster Hold Edit

The group meets the halberd wielding guards named Bardrik Posselfoit? and Bernie of the hold and are assumed to be adventurers that were called upon to handle the "trouble in the depths". They are given free admission to the hold but are still required to give their names in a ledger documenting admission to the town. Shialbaz gets flack for being a dragonborn once again from the female guard with the ledger (Magred?) expecting him to leave his mark with his bum. In response he spits in the book and gives it back to her before signing the book with a false name. Kellan is the only character that gives his true name on the ledger. The false names given: Galahan = Jeffery Skolmes; Darius = Draven Smith; Shialbaz = Archduke Ferdinand. Once inside the city, the guard Bardrik explains that one of the most productive mine shafts needed for good relations within Cheaminster has been terrorized by a monster described as "all tentacles and snapping jaws, a fierce creature from the depths". They spend the night and resupply before entering the mine.

Terror in the pits Edit



The group is once again assumed to have had previous knowledge of this need and to have had previously agreed upon a payment for dispatching the beast that inhabit the pits. They are instructed to take the lift to the lowest level. On the way to the lowest level they witness several dwarfs with holes in their heads. Stepping off the lift on the bottom of the shaft Kellan's bow, Aarinadya, warns of the presence of a monstrosity. Trails from the beast have left trails along the walls and the ceilings of the mine.

The group defeat two Tentacle Pods and a Grell clearing the mine. After the encounter, Kellan corners Shialbaz into admitting they're friends... "for now". Kellan takes the beak of the Grell as a trophy, Darius takes a tentacle up as proof of their success in the pits, and Shialbaz takes trinkets and family sigils from some of the deceased dwarfs to take to Magred? the female dwarf that disrespected him in an attempt reflect positively on his race. The female guard takes offense to the gesture thinking it is an attempt to curse her. Shialbaz melts the trinkets and then throws the melted mass at the guard.

Key Events Edit

  • Bribe Sarabi, a stone giant in the mountains east of Cheaminster Ruins.
  • Encounter two Shadows of the Cheaminster Ruins.
  • Encounter two animated stone statues north of Cheaminster Hold.
  • Killed the Grell and two oozing Tentacle Pods the Dwarven Mine of Cheaminster Hold, but haven't fully explored it.

Treasure Edit

  • 14 gold from animated stone statues outside of Cheaminster Hold
  • Gems: 70 gold worth. Azurite, Banded Agate, Blue Quartz, Hematite, Malachite, Moss Agate, Obsidian.
  • 186 gold pieces worth of gold nuggets
  • Received 400 gold as reward for clearing the dwarven mine.

 Experience Edit

Total party experience: 2900 experience points. Divided by four, 725 experience points each.

  • 100xp for killing each of the two shadows.
  • 200xp for killing each of the two statues.
  • 450xp for killing each of the tentacle pods.
  • 700xp for killing the grell.
  • 700xp for completing the quest.

Trivia Edit

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