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Season 2, Episode 4
RollPlay The West Marches Week 14, Part 1

RollPlay The West Marches Week 14, Part 1

Date of Events
25th of July, after events of Episode 13.
Airing Date
16th of May 2015

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Story Edit

This adventure begins with each character recollecting their downtime activities. We learn that Darius and Galahan rested in town for 10 days, Grigori for 4 days and Kellan for 19 days.

Kellan worked and lived squalidly for 19 days (cost: 19 silver). After training for three days, Grigori lived a single day like a king (cost: 10 gold).

Galahan did manual labor at the Temple and lived comfortably for 7 days (cost: 18 gold).

Darius helped/gardened by day and entertained by night, living modestly for 7 days (cost: 7 gold).

Grigori hears from Frelka that someone is robbing a graveyard, half a day south of Viriskali (near Lepool), but they only steal bones, not riches.

Kellan visits Elleth Salte, notices her potion stock includes potions of healing, climbing and magic detection. Also our fledgling alchemist, who was apprenticing with Alalmos, tells of increased sightings of awakened plants, including twig blights, to the north.

Galahan and Darius hear a rumor about Sybeth Lassave, a cloth merchant waiting on a silk shipment for over two weeks. People think bandits have waylaid the caravan when it was headed northwest to the Udridge North Fork. Sybeth is in Bawic, a town 2 days on foot to the West, and may provide more information.

Party decides to do a loop-around. Go to Bawic, then investigate awakened plants in the Starkwald and finally track these cloth bandits.

Scouting ahead is our ranger Kellan, Grigori is the quartermaster/survivalist, Galahan is the treasurer and Darius, to his grief, is the map-maker.

It starts in a good day, clear sky and unseasonably hot. To deal with hostile plant-life Galahan bought 10 vials of oil and Grigori bought some cloth, so Kellan can light his arrows afire.

In the twilight, after skirting the Udrin Foothills, Kellan notices a large hump on the road crawling in his direction. It rears on its hind-legs and sends a mating cry. Kellan identifies it as a large lizard seeking a mate.

Group decides to stay and fight, lights a arrow on fire and when Kellan shoots it they notice its size and milky white eyes. Grigori shouts: "It's not lizard, is basilisk! Run!" and tries to find a tree to climb, but there are only rocks. At this point the basilisk charges in their direction.

Kellan manages to ensnare the basilisk, the rest of the team start attacking furiously and slay it on the spot.

While Grigori is popping out the last basilisk's eye, he notices chain-mail links inside its mouth and decides to cut open its stomach revealing a shredded pouch with 15 gold along with some assorted human limbs. Grigori also takes the beast's heart.

Anatomy lessons with dr grigori and galahan by sirhanselot

Darius spots the incoming mate and everyone leaves the dissection scene.

Later in camp we learn that Grigori learned about beasts from his mother, explaining how he can easily identify the stomach and heart's location. Darius writes a warning against basilisk in the map.

Dear little bear by Diego Dicaro

Dear little bear by Diego Dicaro

On the second day it is raining steadily. During the evening they find Bawic, Darius places it on the map and everyone enters the inn.

Everyone gets intimate with their mugs and Darius gets lucky with Gyles, a middle-class merchant. Either due to caution or paranoia Darius does not reveal his true name, for the evening he is simply "Michael". Conversing with Gyles reveals the silk shipment coming from Tea Falls (a town in the Udridge North Fork) is two weeks late.

On the third day, those who stayed in Bawic's inn are nursing their hangovers, while Darius wakes up from an eventful evening with Giles.

Darius meets Sybeth, while initially reluctant she does inform about the route the shipment took (a road leading northwest through the Udrin Foothills to Udridge North Fork). Sybeth is willing to pay 50 gold for the return of her goods.

When Kellan is reminiscing of awaking up to a pig, Grigori gives a nugget of wisdom: "This is what life is. Glorious highs, terrible lows and when you wake up your only friend is pig."

Since this silk shipment was going from Tea Falls to Bawic, our party follows the same road, checking for signs of foul play. During the night Kellan hears a single dire wolf howling and wakes up the others. A large humanoid shape, at least 20 feet tall appears at vision's edge.

Ogre time by markwester

Ogre time by markwester

Grigori uses Thaumaturgy to intimidate the creatures.

Fire grows in a sickly green color and shouts in orcish: "Who goes there? This is our territory!".

These two shapes stop, but a moment later there is a pounding of feet and an ogrish bellow of "Orcs! I will kill Orccs!".

The west marches ogre encounter by moriarty93

Ogre encounter by moriarty93

Kellan instructs Darius to persuade/lie that they are harmless lepers, outcast from the city. Ogre's only response was "Garvey kill!".

Galahan thrusts the charging direwolf and skewers him to an inch of life.

Immediately gets hit by a javelin in a vital spot. Grigori freezes the direwolf, shattering his head.

Kellan closes in with the ogre and evokes Spirit Guardians, Galahan lays on hands, Darius shoots an arrow.

The ogre bashes Galahan with his greatclub. Galahan tries to set his lance on fire (combining oil and campfire's embers) unsuccessfully, but stills hits the ogre.

Darius once again shoots and lands the killing blow.

Kellan frisks the ogre, finding meager coin, while Galahan skins the dire-wolf. Grigori states the best treasure would be in its lair, but Galahan is done for the night and goes to sleep.

Garvey kabobs by markatron2k

Garvey kebab by markatron2k

Key Events Edit

Treasure Edit

  • Basilisk's eye
  • Basilisk's heart
  • Dire-wolf pelt
  • Coin: 15 gold (basilisk's stomach), 14 copper (ogre's pouch)

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1800 experience points. Divided by four, 450 experience points each.

  • 700 xp for killing the basilisk.
  • 450xp for marking the town on the map.
  • 200xp for killing the direwolf.
  • 450xp for killing the ogre.

Trivia Edit

  • First time a group marched West, in the West Marches...
  • Julia the death prophetess was mistaken, Kellan remain alive... for now.
  • This extended episode continues in Episode 15.
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