Resurrection at Easter
Season 2, Episode 2
RollPlay The West Marches Week 12, Part 1

RollPlay The West Marches Week 12, Part 1

Date of Events
11th of July, morning after the events of Episode 11.
Airing Date
5th of April 2015

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Story Edit

The new inspiration rules is introduced to the audience.

The morning after the party offered Anod as tribute to the Serpents, Koke, Darius and Gallahan carry ShialBaz' dead body back to the bandit hideout.

At the ziggurat, they immediately notice yesterday's bodies are gone. Nevertheless after secreting away ShialBaz's corpse our adventurers enter through the same back door, half-hidden by refuse.

Crawling through the edifice they notice the latrine where Anod was beaten into submission and it still reeks. Abandoned sleeping quarters are found, complete with clothes and chests at each of the twelve bed's feet. Galahan remarks he doesn't remember killing twelve bandits, while Captain Koke looks for valuables.

Noise attracts three bandits and two monkey creatures (called dretchs). After a close fight they rest on the beds. Meanwhile ShialBaz walks through his purgatory.

Continuing on through the ziggurat's halls, they find another room with refuse and a pile of valuables in the center of a circle with magic symbols.

Darius had a friend who taught him to recognize a demonic summoning circle. This way he identified the circle was not a trap and the gems maybe could be acquired safely, even without defacing the glowing symbols.

Captain Koke moves towards a locked door and hammer it down. Inside is a table with rotten fruit and flesh, currently being eaten by five large rats.

Exploring the connecting rooms they find a table with cards and spare copper. In a storage room with nine giant rats get aggressive thanks to Galahan smashing the door open. Koke throws a torch into a bunch of boxes and the rats swarm both Darius and Galahan. Everyone retreats, though Koke has to drag an unconscious Darius before closing the wooden door. All eight remaining rats scratch at the door, but have a hard time chewing it down.

Koke and company close all doors leading to the demon summoning circle and barricade themselves in. Meanwhile the giant rats can't chew their way out of two doors and suffocate. Once again they rest, this time only until Darius wakes up.

After resting Galahan feels sick and vomits a stream of green algae with hanging crabs. Hours later Darius regurgitates a pink toad, that croaks momentarily before collapsing in a puddle of slime. This croaking makes it hard to speak without succumbing to nausea.

Captain Koke reminisces about his days captaining a pirate ship and burning vessels, both he and Darius gain Inspiration thanks to the new inspiration rules. Meanwhile Galahan lays on hands to cure his affliction cased by the pink toad.

Moving on to another room, there's a goblet with a thick red liquid, a bowl filled with circular pustules and a crude charcoal drawing. It depicts an obese woman handing out a wafer to a kneeling man. A rune-inscribed door leads to a downward staircase. Galahan realizes the door has been desecrated.

Galahan asks the others to wait while he scouts ahead. He finds a massive cavernous room with wooden pallets, boxes and a chest. He goes back to inform the group and everyone heads down.

Lighting the room downstairs the party notices a long hallway. At its end is a door, behind a woman's voice cries and calls out: "Where is everyone? I'm alone...". Inside are an half dozen ravaged bodies and an incredibly obese woman who says when she hears Darius: "Liamhart I'm hungry... what did you bring to Mira?"

Great deception by Darius and Galahan convince Mira that there is a great Serpent's heart that could sate her hunger for years. Mira agrees to go by nightfall, but thinks Liamhart's voice sounds weak and offers a breast for him to feed. There is much discussion over who needs to suckle... and Captain Koke goes through it, without losing his stomach, despite being disgusting beyond words.

They leave the ziggurat and escort Mira to the Serpent's pass. Galahan informs Death of the deception required of him and Death agrees. Mira falls for the trick and is consumed by Death. The ground shakes and ShialBaz opens his eyes.

Captain Coke professes his thanks to Death (Galahan helps in translating) and offers himself in servitude. The great serpent likes the idea of a mortal servant and a blood pact is formed. Everyone goes back to Viriskali to get drunk.

Key Events Edit

  • Revisited the ziggurat.
  • Defeated more bandits, dretchs and giant rats.
  • Deceived Ascendant Mira into walking willingly into the jaws of Death.
  • Brought ShialBaz back to life by completing a deal with the Serpent of Death.

Treasure Edit

  • A deck of cards
  • Coin: 1200 copper, 800 silver, 15 gold
  • Gems: 4 transparent yellow brown citrines (50gp each)
  • Left behind: 4 gems and one unopened chest
  • Koke pledged his service to Death, gaining favor

 Experience Edit

Total party experience: 850 experience points. Divided by four, 213 experience points each.

  • 75xp for killing three bandits.
  • 50xp for killing two dretchses
  • 225xp for killing nine giant rats.
  • 450xp for killing Mira.
  • 100xp for completing the goal.

Trivia Edit

  • First resurrection in the West Marches... in Easter.
  • Another dungeon cleared of threats, but not of treasure.
  • Captain Koke can now understand the Serpent of Death without help translating.
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