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Season 2, Episode 1
RollPlay- The West Marches Week 11, Part 1

RollPlay- The West Marches Week 11, Part 1

Date of Events
24th of July, 30 days after the events of Episode 8.
Airing Date
22th of Mars 2015

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Story Edit

In the thirty days Koke and ShialBaz stayed in Viriskali, they had jobs. Captain Koke worked for the town guard and ShialBaz performed some illusions and magic tricks, but ended up scaring children and was fired personally by Koke.

Shialbaz ep 11 by beesmarie

ShialBaz magic tricks by beesmarie

After that event they decided to drink and look for two fresh bloods to adventure. In the bar they spot Galahan, a bounty hunter, and Darius, a roguish type.

A party forms and they decide to kill Anod, a bandit leader. After asking around Frelka's, they discovered that Anod and his posse were located 1 day out of Viriskali, south of the Harllud Barrows.

Responsibilities are shared. ShialBaz becomes the treasurer, Darius becomes the navigator, Captain Koke becomes the scout, and Galahan becomes the mapmaker. They set out confidently in the completely wrong direction, not realizing their mistake until halfway through the trip. They spent the rest of the first day travelling back to Viriskali, where they rested another night. The next morning, Galahan decided to try his hand at navigating.

He led the party in the exact same wrong direction, so much so that they broke for lunch next to a tree he peed on the first time they tried.

Angry and unwilling to go back to town yet again, the team course-corrected and struck out south from their lunch spot, travelling until they encountered a strange valley with three hotsprings at the bottom. Each one had a huge serpent coiled up at the bottom of it, and after some discussion, our heroes fired an arrow into one of the springs to see what would happen. The serpents (One red, one white, and one black) awoke and began speaking to the party.

They introduced themselves as the serpents of Grief, Blood and Death, and offered the party a boon as thanks for awakening them. Galahan boldly asks for the power to defeat his enemies and the serpent of grief coughs forth a tooth in a wave of bile. Galahan takes it, but as he walks away, the serpents begin fighting among themselves. The serpent of death tries to attack him and is stopped by the serpent of grief. Galahan and the rest of the party escape, run away, and add the location to their map under a fake name so no one else will seek it out.

Our party camped and discovered that Galahan's lance is called Tooth of Grief (+1 attack/damage, x2 crit on demons, ability: d4 hp regen / 5rounds). During Galahan's watch he spies a giant spider creeping towards the group. Darius wakes up and notices another spider approaching towards Galahan's back. Both spiders are killed, due in large part to Darius' aimed precision, but the beasts deeply wound both Koke and Galahan. They resume travelling after a 5 hour rest.

Heading on, Captain Koke spies the scar on the land that is the Harllud Barrows and further south, an abandoned building in disrepair. The building is revealed to be a stone ziggurat, with an aflame brazier atop it. Outside there is trash and shrubs concealing a doorway. They decide to light on fire some refuse and wood in the ziggurat's doorway. A bandit inside takes notice of the noise and flees. The party's plan is to wait. The bandits leave through another exit and flank them outside.

Five bandits and a monkey-like creature ambush the party. Koke is badly injured and ShialBaz falls to their ambush. Galahan and Darius retaliate, killing one bandit and the diseased monkey-like creature. Galahan revives Koke, saving his life, and the rest of the bandits are quickly dispatched. During the conflict, ShialBaz walks into death's embrace.

Serpents by saltstachio

Serpents of the Marches by saltstachio

Whilst Darius and Koke loot the bandits and Galahan mourns his fallen comrade they decide to capture the bandit leader Anod to offer as tribute to the ancient serpent Death, hoping the serpent will revive the blue dragon-born in exchange for the bandit leaders life. They find Anod and after a skirmish Darius knocks him unconscious.

Tribute to the serpents by markwester

Tribute to the Serpents, by MarkWester

After resting for the night they head to the three springs. Koke and Galahan climb down. Galahan dangerously negotiates a boon with the white serpent of Death - the fallen ShialBaz revived for Anod's life. The ancient serpents tear Anod into pieces and eat him, but declare that a more fitter sacrifice is required: an ascendant god residing near Anod's domain. Should the party bring Death this ascendants life, he will grant

Three Serpents facing the Party Episode 11

Three Serpents facing the party by captnradon

their request and resurrect ShialBaz.

Key Events Edit

  • Found a new location in the Udrin Foothills.
  • Awakened three ancient serpents.
  • Received an unique magic tooth/lance as a boon.
  • Defeated two giant spiders.
  • Turned a bandit ambush around, killing six bandits and a monkey.
  • ShialBaz was killed in a bandit ambush.
  • Sacrificed Anod to the ancient serpents.

Treasure Edit

  • Tooth of Grief (boon from the Serpent of Grief)
  • Bandit's coin: 7gp and 15sp

Experience Edit

Total party experience: 1400 experience points. Divided by three, 467 experience points each.

  • 450xp for finding and marking the location on the map.
  • 400xp for killing the two spiders.
  • 200xp for fighting the bandits.
  • 250xp for killing Anod.
  • 100xp for completing the session goal.

Trivia Edit

  • Once again prophet Julia declared death on this adventure and it came to pass.
  • Three natural 20s were rolled in a row, downing two characters in a round.
  • Captain Koke sustained at least three critical hits.
  • Darius was the MVP of this episode, killing spiders, bandits and monkeys alike.
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