A Bear and a Druid Fair
Season 1, Episode 1
RollPlay One Shots - The West Marches Week 1, Part 1

RollPlay One Shots - The West Marches Week 1, Part 1

Date of Events
23rd of April
Airing Date
29th september 2014



Episode 2

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Story Edit

After investigating around Viriskali our intrepid adventurers head north to Castow to answer a plea for help— they must hunt down a man-eating bear. For the journey they rent horses from Hungry Horse Stable which requires a prick of blood for tracking down horse thieves.

Along the road to Castow, they encounter a group of quarreling bandits who plan to sack Nala, a nearby settlement. Bardric lures one of the bandits, who mistakes her for a leprechaun, into a trap using some well placed rap. Unfortunately, Kellan and S'ilid's yelling combined with the tricked bandit's dying cry alerts the remaining bandits and a battle ensues. Victorious, our heroes slay four bandits, capture another and the remaining two flee on horseback.

Kellan acquires an ancient, elven arrow from the pouches of a bandit suggesting a nearby elven ruin. Next, an interrogation ensues where the captive bandit, high on ghost smoke, reveals that they are stealing to buy medicine from Hextia for a sick girl named Mira.

Driving their new-found wagon carrying 30gp of bandit gold, the adventurers continue on to Castow to investigate Mira and the bear. In town they find no news of the sick girl but do find the supposedly eaten huntress, Cyna's skin neatly folded under her bed and a note reading, "use the product in a safe place -Hextia". At the same time S'ilid asks the respected blacksmith about his clan's sword. The blacksmith tells him to ask a sage or a witch about it but does think the sword is elven only unusually heavy and well forged.

In the watch of Tone, Kellan goes on a dear hunt and stumbles across a human campsite with two bears making love. He cautiously reports back to town where the party stays the night at Bether's house while Ecila rents an entire house of his own. In the morning the party returns to the camp where Bardric notices a naked woman who after bursting into tears reveals herself to be Cyna. She tells a tale of how she fell in love with a bear and wanted to stay a bear with him forever using Hextia's potions. She promised Hextia her first child fathered by the bear.

Key Events Edit

  • Rented horses.
  • Defeated bandits.
  • Found Ancient Elven Arrow on a bandit.
  • Investigated town of Castow.
  • Discovered bears making love.
  • Confronted woman who fell in love with a bear and drank a potion to become one too.

Treasure Edit

  • Ancient Elven Arrow

Experience Edit

Trivia Edit

  • A captive bandit hallucinates the characters from itmejp's Rollplay: Dark Heresy
  • People of Castow have lived off chicken and potatoes for generations and this seems to be their only concern.
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