Size Medium
Type Town
Location ~2 days (30 miles) West of Viriskali
Region Udrin Foothills
Population Some souls
Citizens Gyles, Sybeth Lassave

Bawic is a medium-sized town, though smaller than Viriskali, located in the Udrin Foothills. It is 2 days on foot from Viriskali. Bawic is centered around a cobblestone marketplace. This town worships the same gods that Viriskali, evidenced by a nearby symbol of Wrosta, lord of the Fall, painted on wood.

Features Edit

  • A cobblestone marketplace.
  • (North-east) A large belltower.
  • (East) A large open-air circular stone building, with a cloth awning.
  • An inn, a rare enough occurrence in towns.

Citizens Edit

  • Gyles: Darius' sweet-heart.
  • Sybeth Lassave: Cloth merchant and member of Bawic's council.
  • Gillian

Past Events Edit