Azamreth - The Pits of Creation
Mud pits by putridcheese
Pits of Creation by Putridcheese
Terrain muddy
Dangers mudflats
  • Unknown
  • Pits of Creation
  • (C) Farhan's Mansion
  • (N) Petrified forest

Azamreth is a region also hosting the Pits of Creation. There lives a mage, harvesting the Mud from the Mudpits. Other habitants is a Village called Kulii'Kan and a gigantic, imposing brass Dragon that roams the area and chews through earth and sky, devouring everything in its path.

Locations Edit

  • Pits of Creation: Better known as "the Mudpits". The mud is to be rumoured to have special abilities, but nobody is really interested in it besides some crazy Wizard named Farhan that hires Commoners to collect the mud for him.
  • Kulii'Kan: A small human village made of mud huts on the edge of civilization, trying to survive in the wilderness of Azamreth.
  • Farhan's Manse: A manse where the wizard Farhan lived and lead his operation of collecting the mud. Currently the mansequite damaged as large circular chunks of the building seem to be missing, as a result of an assault of the Dragon, successfully terminating the wizard.


  • Baharaditana, better known as the Dragon of Azamreth is known to haunt this region. Adventurers have found his location in a petrified forest. But when the sky darkens and a storm brews together. When the Sun vanishes and the grinding of metal screech across the valleys... you better hide pray to the old and the new Gods to gift you with one more day...
  • Amalgamate Golem roam the place. Created by the local Wizard himself, they patrol the area, directionless as their master have fallen. Made out of mud, bones, feathers and gemstones, they are a strange sight indeed.
  • Mud Birbs are local inhabitants of the Mudpits. Obesely fat, naked Vultures with a wicked beak. They can be quite territorial, but to a well traveled group of adventurers a little threat.

Past Events Edit

  • Poe, Gustav, Freki and Lyra visited Farhans manse, looking for work (Episode 20).
  • Poe, Galahan, Dr. Grigori and Lyra traveled through the region in search of the Dragon (Episode 23).
  • Poe, Galahan, Dr. Grigori and Lyra allied with the Dragon and assaulted the Wizard Farhan, destroying his manse (Episode 24).