Aeralond Empire
Size Large
Type Elven Empire
Location SE of Loriene
Region Southeast Desert
Population Large?
Citizens Kurthak Ironjaw, Captain Koke, Taratiel Aeralond (Gilly Tosscobble)

An Elven Empire which lies in a desert south-east of the Kingdom of Loriene. In episode 9 of The West Marches, the Aerlon Empire was also stated to be a "coastal empire".

Kurthak Ironjaw presumably lived in the Aeralond Empire while employed as Taratiel Aeralond's body guard before coming to Viriskali in search of her. It can also be assumed that Captain Koke also resided or at least has been to the Aeralond Empire as he was appointed to locate Kurthak and Taratiel. Between episodes 9 &19 Kurthak Ironjaw travelled to Aeralond to report on Taratiels death. He was imprissoned in solitary confinement for 2 months before being released and travelling back to Viriskali.

Both Kurthak and Koke have a background in the military. It is safe to assume that this was in the Aeralond Empires' military.

Spoilers for Episode 3.

In the adventures of Kurthak Ironjaw, he lost Taratiel Aeralond, the heir to the Elven Throne before meeting his first party in Viriskali.