This ruined Tower of unknown origin is located inside the Starkwald (about half a days walk impeded by foliage). The tower is currently five stories high and includes a basement containing a blue, shimmering pool. The ruined top and surrounding rubble suggests that it may have been taller in the past. A poisoned stream flows from the tower according to rumors. Its grounds are overgrown and murky pools of water lay scattered in front of a single iron door. Beside it, is a statue of an elven woman, once part of the tower, now stands on the remains of an owlbear. The tower became the death site of glory seeker, Maldrik Ironheart, though his body are nowhere to be found.

Although the tower was partially looted, mystery still surrounds the tower. Of particular interest is an unexplored basement with a glowing pool of water. Additionally, nothing has been done to cleanse the tainted stream which is rumored to be stemming from the tower itself.

Past InhabitantsEdit

  • The previous inhabitant, a human wizard of unknown origin, starved to death due to an enraged owlbear trapping him inside. He previously used birds to carry urgent pleas for help, which reached many persons including Hilda Hildaguard. The tower contents suggest he was carrying out arcane research involving slimes or oozes.
  • An owlbear guarded the tower entrance ensuring none were able to leave. This same owlbear was dispatched through a cleaver plan executed by Kurthak Ironjaw, Donald, and the Ironheart brothers.
  • Perhaps long ago, elves resided in this tower or perhaps even constructed it, as is evident from the elven statue.


  • It is likely that magic was placed on the metal door to resist the the corrosion of the acidic slimes, though proof remains to be seen.
  • An alarm sounds when the door is opened as though there were a bell. The alarm ends after a few seconds.
  • The slime wizard's birds spoke to a bard named Gilly, but unfortunately for the wizard, this party was set on other priorities. The message continued to head south, never to return.
  • There is a set of intact summoning circles on the top floor of the tower. We assume they were used to summon slimes or oozes. The spell-book found on body of the wizard may have yielded answers to their purpose but was sold on return to town.
  • The diary belonging to the wizard may still be intact and may yield knowledge on why the stream is poisoned. A grey ooze was summoned after the trap on the cover was triggered but the condition of the book was left out.

Past appearancesEdit

Donald, Kurthak, Maldrik and Shaldrick explored the tower during episode 5.